ITIL Service Strategy Lifecycle & Certification Course

This course from Ramsys Solutions is intended to teach the students about this unified training course that immerses students in the overall processes, policies, methods and concepts allied with the Service Strategy phase of the Service Lifecycle. This course includes the control and management of the techniques and activities within the Service Strategy stage, but not the detail of each of the supporting procedures.

Delivery Mode Location Course Duration
Class Room Accra


Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:\r\n• Comprehend Service Strategy\r\n• Comprehend principles of Service Strategy\r\n• Comprehend processes of Service Strategy\r\n• Comprehend activities related to Service Strategy technology\r\n• Comprehend organization of Service Strategy\r\n• Comprehend Technology Considerations\r\n• Comprehend improvement of Service Strategy\r\n• Comprehend challenges, critical success risks and factors\r\n