ITIL PPO Capability Stream & Certification Course

This extensive course targets to train various aspects of processes and service lifecycle of ITIL pertaining to Planning Protection and Optimization. The course demonstrates different activities of the operational level processes and methods that help execution of processes as per the relevant approaches and methods, thereby enhancing the technical know-how of the ITIL understanding in order to Planning Protection and Optimization of the ITIL services.

Delivery Mode Location Course Duration
Class Room Accra


Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:\r\n• Understand the concept of practices of Service Management and the processes within the planning protection and Service Lifecycle optimization\r\n• Understand the interaction between the in-scope processes and other processes of service life cycle\r\n• Understand the methods, activities and various functions provided by the process of Planning, Protection and Optimization for excellent and effective operation execution\r\n• Learn how to measure the performance of optimization and planning protections\r\n• Understand the IT security importance and its role in Planning, Protection and Optimization\r\n• Understand the requirements to implement the Planning, Protection and Optimization\r\n