VMware vSphere Fast Track [V6.7] & Certification Course

The VMware vSphere: Fast Track [V6.7] training course will give you a detailed overview of management skills for introductory to advanced VMware vSphere®. During the training, you will learn installation & configuration, manage and maintain vSphere 6.7. This will be an extensive hands-on training where you will explore all feature.

Delivery Mode Location Course Duration
Class Room Accra


On completion of this training, you will know:\r\n• Installing and configuring ESXi hosts\r\n• Deploying and configuring VMware vCenter® Server Appliance™\r\n• Using VMware Host Client™, VMware vSphere® Web Client, and VMware vSphere® Client™ to manage the vCenter Server inventory and the vCenter Server configuration\r\n• Creating virtual networks with vSphere standard switches\r\n• Configuring virtual storage using iSCSI and NFS storage\r\n• Creating and managing VMware vSphere® VMFS datastores\r\n• Using the vSphere Client to create virtual machines, templates, clones, and snapshots\r\n• Managing virtual machine resource usage and manage resource pools\r\n• Migrating virtual machines with VMware vSphere® vMotion® and VMware vSphere® Storage vMotion®\r\n• Creating and managing a vSphere cluster that is enabled with VMware vSphere® High Availability and VMware vSphere® Distributed Resource Scheduler™\r\n• Creating virtual networks with VMware vSphere® Distributed Switch™ and enable distributed switch features\r\n• Using VMware vSphere® Update Manager™ to apply patches and perform upgrades to ESXi hosts and virtual machines\r\n• Using host profiles to manage ESXi configuration compliance\r\n• Describing how vSphere storage APIs help storage systems integrate with vSphere\r\n• Configuring and use virtual machine storage policies\r\n• Configuring VMware vSphere® Storage I/O Control and VMware vSphere® Storage DRS™\r\n• Encrypting virtual machines for additional security.