ITIL RCV Capability Stream & Certification Course

This course demonstrates various processes related to Control, Release and Validation of Services along with the detailed Service Lifecycle. The course targets to describe various tools and processes supporting the service transitions and components. The processes vizRelease and Deployment Management, Change Management,Service Validationand Testing, Service Asset and Configuration Management,Change Evaluation,Request Fulfillment and KnowledgeManagement are the focused course deliverables.

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Class Room Accra


Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-\r\n• Understand the role and importance of ITIL release, control and validation in the service\r\n• Understand interaction between release, control and validation and other processes of Service Lifecycle\r\n• Learn about various methods, activities and functions within release, control and validation processes\r\n• Learn to measure release, control and validation and identify various considerations of implementation and technology\r\n• Learn about various processes viz Release and Deployment Management, Change Management, Service Validation and Testing, Service Asset and Configuration Management, Change Evaluation,Request Fulfillment and Knowledge Management\r\n• Roles and responsibilities of Release, control and validation process\r\n