Certified Digital Marketer (CDM) & Certification Course

Certified Digital Marketer is a pertinent and updated certification that helps candidates to grow their Internet marketing skills and implement those creative ideas into their actual business plan. The various topics covered in the CDM program help both aspiring marketing professionals as well as entrepreneurs and business people. The Certification in Digital Marketing (C|DM) recognizes an individual’s accumulated skill in developing and executing an integrated digital marketing strategy in alignment with organizational goals. To rise to the role of the C|DM, professionals need to demonstrate strong technical knowledge and experience. Understanding that digital marketing decisions have a direct impact on the organization’s growth, revenue, profitability and agility are imperative for a C|DM

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Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-\r\n• Understanding the value and importance of Internet Marketing.\r\n• Guidance to develop an effective E commerce website.\r\n• Identify various strategies to improve search engine rankings.\r\n• Understanding various types of Advertising Campaigns.\r\n• Design and implement Internet and email marketing campaigns.\r\n• Understanding various aspects of Social Media Marketing.\r\n• Provide guidelines for successful mobile advertising.\r\n• Understand the web analytics\r\n