Secure Code Review & Certification Course

Secure Code Review is a measure to help you reveal flaws in your applications before they go live. Secure source code review assesses the security of an application by examining source code. It evaluates the people, the processes, and the technologies in each application. After completing this course from, students will be able to: identify the root cause of flaws, and build cost-effective recommendations for remediation.\r\nAudience: This course is best suited for information security analysts, software security testers and code reviewers, and security experts.

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Class Room Accra


Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-\r\n• Get acquainted with .NET application security and understand some of the common threats to .NET framework\r\n• Apply best practices during all phases of the SDLC - designing, implementing, and deploying applications\r\n• Comprehend types of Authentication Factors\r\n• Understand the EJB and Web access control\r\n• Understand Java Security Manager\r\n• Employ Secure Coding\r\n• Crawling code and Security Code Review in the SDLC\r\n• PCI DSS and Code review\r\n• Audit by technical control: Authentication