Network Security Expert & Certification Course

This course from Solutions is intended to teach the students all about Network Security Expert, which includes: current network security requirement of the corporate network. It enables the network administrators to administer and protect their infrastructure by testing.\r\nThis course enables the candidate to acquire two reputed international certifications, that is Certified Ethical Hacker V9 and EC-Council certified Network Security Administrator\r\n

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Class Room Accra


Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-\r\n• Understand the Network Security\r\n• Comprehend fundamentals of Computer Network\r\n• Comprehend Network Protocols\r\n• Comprehend Security Policy\r\n• Comprehend Intrusion Detection System and Intrusion Prevention Systems\r\n• Comprehend Security Standards Organizations\r\n• Comprehend Security Standards\r\n• Comprehend Firewalls\r\n• Comprehend Honeypots and Bastion Host\r\n• Comprehend Network Security Threats\r\n• Comprehend Securing Modems\r\n• Comprehend Protocol Analysis\r\n• Comprehend Hardening Physical Security\r\n• Comprehend Network Security\r\n• Troubleshoot Network • Comprehend Hardening Routers\r\n• Comprehend Scanning Networks\r\n• Comprehend Hardening Operating Systems\r\n• Comprehend Patch Management\r\n• Comprehend Ethical HackingComprehend Reconnaissance and Footprinting\r\n• Comprehend Human-based Social Engineering: Shoulder Surfing and Eavesdropping\r\n• Comprehend Human-based Social Engineering: Dumpster Diving\r\n• Comprehend System Hacking\r\n• Comprehend Backdoors and Trojans\r\n• Comprehend Worms and Viruses\r\n• Comprehend Sniffers\r\n• Comprehend Enumeration\r\n• Comprehend Human-based Social Engineering\r\n• Comprehend Denial of Service